Statement of support for Korsan Parti

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In light of the last days events in Turkey, the Pirate Party of Norway would like to offer our moral support to our friends in Korsan Parti.

korsanpartiIt is astonishing that governments, democratically elected or not, still fail to grasp the power of the internet. People are no longer left to believe  lies and religious dogma from regimes, information is no longer under anyone’s control. Attempts to block access to social media are not effective.

And it is equally astonishing that governments use excessive police violence, believing it will subdue the people. Instead, Erdogan’s shock troops has united the people in opposition to his increasingly authoritarian government, like it has with social and civil rights movements of the past.

Pirate Parties worldwide are united in their commitment for freedom, justice, democracy, secularism,  as well as government and corporate accountability.

Please stay safe, Pirates of Turkey.



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